The Technology of Change

Cover_NLPThe technology of Change is an introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming)

NLP is a system of effective communication and includes techniques for problem solving and emotion management.

This book gives you, in a simple yet precise way, the essence of what constitutes the ‘theory’ of NLP followed by applications designed to fine-tune your senses and make you ready to apply what you have learned. Moreover, a wide section of the book offers transcribed actual applications to help you put your new skills to immediate use.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has revealed secrets, which unlock the human potential for excellence. It has evolved in a powerful technology of change, allowing people to permanently get rid of problems that block their way in life. Unwanted behaviors and irrational beliefs are now way into the past. With NLP you can transform your downsides to strengths and your frustrations to outcomes! With ‘The Technology of Change’ you can:

  • Build stronger and sincere relationships with people.
  • Communicate your ideas fully and accurately.
  • Free yourself from fears, phobias, negative emotions and internal conflicts, that may have held you from achieving your goals.
  • Be at the peak of your potential whenever you need it


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